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Chicken Pox Form Disrupts Appearance, This Is How To Get Rid Of It

Chicken pox scars that do not want to disappear can interfere with appearance. Especially if it appears on the face or on parts of the body that are not covered by clothes. Come on, find out how to overcome them. Chicken pox scars are a type of atrophic scar, which is a scar that is formed due to skin loss of collagen when inflammation occurs. This type of scar will make the skin become concave and look uneven. Various Ways to Get Rid of Chicken Pox Scars In addition to inflammation, used chicken pox can also be caused by scratching. Therefore, it is recommended not to scratch the skin while experiencing chicken pox, so as not to form a scar. If the former chicken pox has already appeared, you can do some of the following ways to disguise it: 1. Apply honey Besides delicious to be consumed directly, honey was also beneficial to disguise the former chicken pox. The trick is to apply honey to the former smallpox at night before going to bed. After that, cover the former smallpo
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Handling of Epilepsy in Pregnant Women is Important to Know

Epilepsy can affect anyone, including pregnant women. Handling of epilepsy in pregnant women needs to be done well to prevent dangerous risks, both to pregnant women themselves and the fetus they contain. Epilepsy is a disorder of the central nervous system that is characterized by repetitive seizures. Epilepsy in pregnant women can cause fetal heart rate to slow, premature babies born, and injury to the fetus. Handling of Epilepsy during Pregnancy Before seizures appear, epilepsy can be characterized by a number of initial symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, mood swings, confusion, and fainting. In pregnant women who experience seizures, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination to check the condition of the pregnant woman and her fetus. The doctor will also determine whether the seizures that occur due to epilepsy or other causes. When pregnant women experience epilepsy, several ways will be done to control epilepsy and reduce the adverse effects of epilepsy on the p

Soybean Controversy Related to Allergy and Fertility

As a food ingredient with complete protein, soybeans are often used as an alternative source of intake. Soybeans can be used as baby formula or food for adults. But behind its benefits, soybeans also have a number of controversies that are often debated. There are various claims of benefits and side effects of consumption of soybeans, both as a basic ingredient in food and milk. Although most have not been clinically approved, there is no harm in looking at all of these controversies. Soybean Milk for Infants Cow Milk Allergy Soy-based formula milk is often used as a substitute for breast milk, especially in infants who are allergic to cow's milk-based formula milk or if baby's digestion cannot digest lactose. This allergy usually causes the baby to have diarrhea or cry after feeding because his digestion becomes uncomfortable. Despite this experience, you should not immediately replace breastfeeding with soy-based formula milk, unless it has been recommended by a doctor